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Holiday Giving

Give Back this Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for community, family, and togetherness, but these aren’t possible without a little bit of giving back. The holidays should be a time when we celebrate each other—not just the presents that we get. By giving back this holiday season, you offer hope for those who need it most. You can provide a chance for a better tomorrow for a lot of people.

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Holiday Assistance Program

Up Valley Family Centers

Up Valley Family Center's annual Holiday Assistance Program is a source of joy in our community every year, by providing gifts and food for a holiday meal to struggling families who have children age 12 and under. We hope you can help us fill a gap to ensure that upvalley teens also receive a gift and know that they are remembered this holiday season. A little bit of holiday cheer can lift the spirits of teens, families, and the community as a whole. Your donation will help ensure people of all generations in our community receive some cheer this holiday season. You may choose to make your gift in honor or in memory of a friend or loved one. An acknowledgement of your kind and thoughtful gesture will be sent without mention of the gift amount.


Toy Drive & Food Drive

St. Helena Fire Department

The St. Helena Fire Department is accepting new, unwrapped toy, non-perishable food, and $25 gift cards for its annual Toy & Food Drive. Bring donated items to the St. Helena Fire Department before Thursday, Dec. 15. Look for a big gold bin in front of SHFD, at 1480 Main Street. SHFD and Up Valley Family Centers wants our community to work together and help children and families in need this holiday season. Questions? SHFD is staffed 24/7, so feel free to come on by and say hello to our crews during the day.

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SHPD Senior Giving Tree

Steve's Hardware & Smith's Pharmacy

Are you ready to help us spread holiday cheer?! Th St. Helena Police Department Association has their Senior Giving Tree's ready! Go to Steve's Hardware & Houseware or to Smith's Pharmacy and locate our Senior Giving Tree. The tree has a wish list of a local senior. Pick one, or as many as you would like to fulfill, complete the wish, and bring back wrapped to St. Helena Police Department or to the boxes located next to the tree. Remember to put the paper "ornament" on the present so we know which senior the present belongs to.

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Adopt a Family Program

Grace Church St. Helena

Napa County families have continued to experience great losses these past few years due to the pandemic, fires,and current inflation rates. The holiday season is approaching rapidly, and we are excited to provide you with an opportunity to show your support and generosity to Napa County families in need. Adopt a Family Ministry at Grace Episcopal Church in St. Helena, CA, has partnered with UpValley Family Centers, a 20-year non-profit organization providing support and resources to families in need. UpValley Family Centers have 50 families who have struggled greatly with the current inflation rates. According to UpValley, families have difficulty staying current with the cost of living. As rent, utilities, and food have increased for these families; it doesn’t mean their income has increased thus, many families have to get creative on making ends meet with the current cost of living. Many families have several jobs and have to choose between getting gifts for their children during these holidays or paying for rent, utilities, and food. After months of hardship, these families need our support, and you can make a huge difference by signing up and adopting a family this holiday season. The family adoption process offers a few different ways to give based on your budget and available time. How it Works: Based on your budget and the time available, we will match you with a family that is a fit with your support level. You will receive an email after signing up, providing you with personal information regarding your adopted family in need. This information will include the number of adults and the ages and genders of the children in the family, along with any special requests and a note from the family you have adopted. There are three options for you to show your support, get involved, and spread the holiday joy: 1. You give, and the Adopt a Family team creates and delivers a holiday basket for you. 2. Customize and create your own holiday basket for the family you receive and drop it off at Grace Church, and the Adopt a Family team will see that it is delivered. 3. Make a cash donation to the Adopt a Family program through the online giving platform Realm. Thank you for your consideration and support. If you have any questions, please email Daphne Steele at or call Grace Episcopal Church at 707-963-4157.

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Help Provide Shelter Beds for Cats

We Care Animal Rescue

Do you want to play Santa Clause for WeCare's cats?! The best gift that all our cats adore are their Kuranda beds! They are easy to access for our young and old residents. They provide height so even the ferals love coming inside to enjoy them. The reason why we need and prefer Kuranda beds is for the sake of sanitation. Traditional cat towers made of wood and carpet material are very difficult to clean and hold onto diseases and infestations of sorts. Being a free roam rescue we can't afford to risk having that in our shelter. Kurands beds are sturdy and long lasting, we have completely made the switch over from traditional cats trees now that we have the minimum to make the cats happy, but we could use more! Consider visiting this link to our donation page on their website. Kuranda is partnered with over 9,000 animal welfare programs and we are so lucky to be a part of that! 🥰🐈🐈‍⬛


Napa Valley Give Guide

Napa Valley Can Do

CanDo’s Napa Valley Give!Guide is one powerful way we support fellow Napa County nonprofits. Created by our volunteers, this year-end campaign raises funds and awareness, fosters collaboration among nonprofits, and cultivates an ever-larger community of givers. Since 2013, CanDo’s Give!Guide has raised $4,619,485 for local nonprofit organizations, with donations beginning at $10. And with the exception of online credit card transaction fees, every penny goes to the organizations selected by each donor. CanDo takes no fee for orchestrating the project.

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